About Innovate Prototypes

Innovate Prototypes, are passionate about helping individuals and SME’s develop their great ideas into market-ready products. We have a proven track record of developing cost effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions that help our clients profit from their ideas.

Our Ethos

  • Innovative – our background, as product designers, ensures we continually aspire to create the best final product for you.
  • Approachable – whatever stage you are at, we can help develop your product further.
  • Adaptable – we tailor our approach to each individual project ensuring, a cost effective approach.

Our Team

At Innovate Prototypes we combine the expertise of our team of highly trained designers and engineers with quality manufacturing services in this country and abroad.

Our team come from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring a great mix of experience and expertise suitable for a wide range of projects. A mixture of product designers, engineers and model makers ensure a quality result whatever your project.

Our Approach

Many of our clients work with us from the initial idea, through design and manufacturing, to the finished product. Whatever stage of the process you need our guidance with, Innovate Prototypes can help.

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“After assessing my idea, Innovate created design images of the planned invention. Using these images, I approached the distributor I thought best suited to produce and market the idea. The distributor reacted very positively but expressed concern that the product might not function well in practice. They suggested that a prototype would be helpful as a next step in their evaluation. I provided Innovate with more ideas for approaches to work out the mechanical operation. The prototype Innovate produced incorporated these ideas and went even further. The result is an extremely appealing, functional and cost effective solution. I was very pleased with the attention and creativity Innovate applied to the prototype development.”

David Donahue, London

Services we offer

• Rapid Prototyping

• CNC Machining

• Vacuum Casting

• Tooling

• Laser Cutting

• Electronics Development

• Fabric Prototypes

• Mechanical Design

We have built everything from robotic back-packs to pushchairs and lots in between.

So why not give us a call to discuss your idea?

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