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The Innovate Prototypes team is predominantly compiled of product designers. We use our product design background, throughout the development process, to help ensure that the final product is the best possible solution. We fully consider the following: ergonomics; human interaction; cost; manufacturing processes; material selection; functionality; styling and the intended market.

Occasionally, we may need to fully design a product first, before prototyping. If this is the case, we use a 6-step process to ensure every aspect of the product has been considered. We are experts in Computer Aided Design and have the very best software to ensure your idea is fully thought through.

The Design Process

  • 1. Project Briefing We find the best way to start a project is to fully understand the problem. This is why we welcome a face-to-face briefing meeting with our clients, to discuss the needs and expectations for your project.
  • 2. Research & Analysis We immerse ourselves in your product, investigating the key issues that may influence the design. From market analysis to the usage cycle, we explore the core factors that will help shape your product.
  • 3. Concept Design Our team use their creative skills to produce a range of innovative concept designs. These are then presented to you in an interim design review, allowing you to choose in which direction your product will progress.
  • 4. Technical Development Once the form and function is agreed, we can develop the technical details of your product. This includes validating the manufacturing feasibility of the product, system design and internal component integration. This is often the stage where Computer Aided Design is used to fully animate the product.
  • 5. Product Visualisation If required, we can provide photo realistic renders, professionally illustrating the look and function of your product. This is delivered as a high quality visualisation package, providing you with the necessary credibility to approach industry members with your idea.
  • 6. Further Guidance We are more than happy to offer advice on the next steps you need to take, whether you want to obtain IP protection or license your idea. We have the relevant experience and knowledge to guide you through these processes.

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“I have been extremely impressed with the quality of service provided by Innovate from day one of my involvement. Their design ideas and solutions for my golfing accessory were clever, and the standard of supporting presentation material was excellent. The thoroughness of their market research, together with the advice provided through their marketing report has proved to be critical to the success of my product. The professional, high standard of their presentation material enabled me to approach product manufacturers with confidence supporting my belief in the product. I could not have got my product to market without them.
Innovate also designed my website. Again, their commitment and creativeness delivered a product beyond my expectations.
I am also highly impressed with their marketing support service now my product is on the market. I have been able to share progress and get professional advice from the Innovate team on ideas for improving success of the product. All the people I worked with were energetic, focused and highly professional with their approach and delivery. I’m truly indebted to the Innovate team. ”

Paul Ryder

Services we offer

• Rapid Prototyping

• CNC Machining

• Vacuum Casting

• Tooling

• Laser Cutting

• Electronics Development

• Fabric Prototypes

• Mechanical Design

We have built everything from robotic back-packs to pushchairs and lots in between.

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