Product Prototypes

Appearance models are often useful for conveying the scale of a product, for assessing the ergonomics and also for display purposes, such as exhibitions. Our models have been displayed at several exhibitions at the NEC in Birmingham, as well as other exhibition centres nationally, to promote interest in the concept and inspire the confidence of investors and representatives from the relevant industry. There is nothing quite like having a physical model of the product at your disposal.

Appearance models can be created by hand in a variety of materials or, alternatively, can be built using Computer Aided Design and then modeled through rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping is the automatic construction of a physical object from a CAD file. There are a variety of processes and materials available and our team are experts at selecting the right material and process for your project. In most cases, the CAD data can then be used, with further development, for manufacturing the final product.

Often, our appearance models are a very accurate representation of the final product and can be used to refine the design before manufacture. We can spray your prototype, in most cases, to match whatever colour you require and can simulate rubber grips or over-moulding, if required. To discuss your requirements, why not call us and book a meeting? Contact us

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"Innovate helped me to bring my idea to life, by taking my very own 'home made model' made from sticky tape, foam pads, bits of plastic and stainless steel, transforming it into an impressive marketable product made from a special type of nylon. This enabled me to show my product to potential customers with total confidence for the first time. Looking back at the Topster journey, working with Innovate and making a prototype was without doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made".

Steve Thomas - Topster

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We have built everything from robotic back-packs to pushchairs and lots in between.

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